9 Ideas on How to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

I’ve always been an animal lover and I know what the special bond a person can have with their house pet. We hug them, kiss them, share a meal with them and even have a room for them in our beds. If you are extremely close to your pet and cannot see yourself getting married without them, here are 9 ways you can include them on your special day.

1. They don’t need to be in all the photos but a great way to share the news of your engagement can be with your fur baby announcing it with a sign, as a group photo or even with a photo of just your hands and their paws.

2. Keep your pet with you as you are getting ready for the wedding. This is a great way of having them with you on the day, but you’re not taking care of them all day long.

3. Walking down the aisle with the wedding party can be a great way to show your pet on the wedding day. You can make them into a ring bearer or flower girl.

4. Are you a non-traditional couple? How about giving your dog or cat the title of best man or maid of honor? A harness and leash completely covered with flowers are 100% Instagram-worthy.

6. If you plan on eloping, your pooch can be the witness to your magical moment.

7. Attach a personalized charm of your pet to your bouquet and keep your pet close, or if you are a groom, have your best friend along on custom photo cufflinks.

8. Create pet-themed favors for guests. How about having a doggie bag with a photo of your beloved puppy or include bone cookies for your human friends.

9. Instead of gifts, honor your pet by asking your guests to donate to your favorite shelter. Great shelters in the area are, the Anti-cruelty Society, Paws Chicago, Tree House Humane Society, Chicago Canine Rescue, Reach Rescue, Players for Pits and much more.

Do you plan to include your dog on your wedding day? We would love to hear about it below. Leave us a comment or send us some photos and your wedding story at hello@savvyroseevents.com.





9 Ideas on How to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

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