The Story of Us: Amber & Alex

Amber and Alex have been neighbors since grade school but only began dating 5 years ago. It took a style shoot at Hoosier Grove Barn in Streamwood, IL to make Alex realize he could not live with Amber and shortly after he proposed. On August 2, 2019, they will be returning to the venue that started it all and we can’t wait to see their love story unfold.
 engaged couple

How did you two meet?

We lived across the street from each other since we were 5 years old.

How long have you been together?

5 years but we have been best friends for a look time and know each other so well. When we started dating it felt like we were together the whole time. 

Who noticed whom first?

A little of both. I fell for him first but he had a girlfriend at that time and I didn’t say anything until we were both single. 


Who made the first move?

Alex did. I don’t think I could ever make the move so I’m glad he did. 

What was your first date like?

Amazing! We went to Pinstripes and had dinner and drinks. I was so nervous even before our date, it took me 2 hours just to find what to wear. 


How did you get engaged?

Alex took me out to Chili’s for dinner. When we came home, there was a walkway with candles leading to the backyard. He had a screen and a projector set up with a slideshow of our pictures and our song “From the Ground Up”. I walked to the end of the yard and Alex said some amazing words before getting down on one knee and proposing! I was a mess!


What are some of the things you’ve learned about yourselves as you begin the wedding planning process?

I am very indecisive, and Alex is very laid back. It takes me a long time to agree to something and I change my mind 100 times after I agree. I’m glad during the process I had a talented wedding planner to assist me along the way. 

What are you most excited about your wedding day?

Saying “I do” and spending time with our friends and family.



Photographer: Meghan McCarthy Photography






The Story of Us: Amber & Alex

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