Wedding Planners, Coordinators, Virtual Planners, and Designers, oh my!

Now that you are engaged and are planning your wedding, there are new vocabulary terms that you will be introduced to. One of the biggest steps before hiring a professional is to know the different options that you have and to determine what service is the right fit for you. We created a glossary to help you pick the right person to get you down the aisle.


A consultant is usually a wedding planner who will meet with a couple on a per hour basis. They answer any questions a couple may have and provide advice. This is a great service to review the timeline, budget and planning details for the wedding without the expense of their service.

Virtual Wedding Planner

With the help of technology, wedding planning has now become easier for couples who are taking the planning into their own hands. A virtual planner provides support remotely and does all the administrative duties involved in the planning process. A great example of our virtual wedding planner is companies like The Knot which provide all the tools to plan a wedding on your own. There are also companies that provide their own software and assist you in any work on an hourly rate or provide package deals for couples. Here is an example of their services: Vendor research, arrange vendor appointments for couples, mail wedding invitations, RSVP tracking, hotel booking, ceremony and reception music playlist tracking and much more.

Wedding Designer

A wedding designer only works in the aesthetic of a wedding. They design the ceremony and reception room by contacting florists and furniture rental companies. Their main goal is to create the perfect floor plan, lighting, linens, and attire. They provide wedding design concepts, color palettes, and oversee design budgets. If decor is your main goal or if you are unsure of how to create the perfect setting, then you should consider hiring a wedding designer.  

Venue Coordinator

A venue coordinator is hired by the venue and is the liaison between the wedding couple and the venue’s operations. Their main focus is to showcase the venue, arrange the catering needs of the couple, ensuring the chairs and tables are set up and ensures the event starts and ends in the time-frame given to the couple. The best thing to remember is that the venue coordinator is looking out for the best interest of the venue, not the couple.

Wedding Coordinator

Also known as the Day of Coordinator is a professional who is hired two to three months before the wedding. They come to a couple’s aid as the wedding day approaches and they need someone to handle the rest of the details of the wedding. A coordinator will review your vendors, venue details, and contracts. The coordinator supervises the rehearsal day and arranges the rehearsal dinner. They also create detailed timelines for the couple, wedding party and vendors. They make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. The wedding coordinator will work between 8-10 hours on the wedding day and make sure any problems that happened during the wedding are not seen by the couple.

Full-Service Wedding Planner

The role of a “wedding planner” is like hiring a project manager and a fairy godmother all wrapped in one. They are hired 12-18 months before the wedding and they plan the entire party and are with you from beginning to end. They are ideal for any couples who work full-time jobs, or simply don’t have time or patience to plan a full event. When you hire a wedding planner to do your full wedding, they are repositionable for creating the theme, color platted and the feel of the day based on the information you give them, plus they become the liaison between the couple and any wedding professional. They will track your budget and handle all the logistics and the design of all in one. A wedding planner will work between 60-300 hours before the wedding and will be with the wedding couple between 8-10 hours on the wedding day managing the logistics of the design and the logistics of the day. 

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Wedding Planners, Coordinators, Virtual Planners, and Designers, oh my!

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