Before you start your wedding budget

Budgeting a wedding is no simple task. Couples are expected to make their wedding “perfect”, but perfection can come with a hefty price tag. On average, a wedding costs about the same amount as a new car or the down payment of a new home, especially if for weddings with over a hundred guests. Whether it’s a small backyard reception or the most lavish ballroom gala, every wedding needs a budget and someone to keep finances on track.
These days, we see storybook weddings everywhere, from social media to movies to Pinterest and wedding magazines. Often, we see model-perfect couples wearing gorgeous designer attire and expensive accessories, hosting their celebrations in extravagant, trendy venues. It’s easy to be bombarded with the message that the wedding is only special if you spend a lot of money.
Rather than spending money on the flashiest and latest trends, your wedding should be an extension of you and your fiance. Your guests should walk into your ceremony and reception and see your personalities reflected in every aspect of the wedding.

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Guest List

Before finance and decor, you need to know how many people you expecting for the wedding in order to really understand how much money you spend and which locations meet your requirements. This is the highest driving force for any big wedding decision.

Money Talk 

How much money you are willing and able to spend? Before you can settle on a number, determine what your financial sources will be–will you and your partner be funding the wedding, or will anyone else be contributing as well? Be sure to gather all of this information at the very beginning so you know how much you’re working with.
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Setting Priorities 

To develop a budget that reflects your personal likes, you need to know which parts of the wedding are most important to you and what are the things that you are not willing to compromise on. If flowers are what’s really important for you then this goes in your non-negotiable list and you make sure that this is not compromised during the budget planning.
Based on your priorities, you will have to decide which items to splurge on, which items you can cut back on.

Other Factors

As your wedding planner, my job is to take down all the information the couple brings to me in regard to how much they want to spend, their priorities, and cost factors to create an ideal budget. By giving you guidelines to follow and tracking your spending, I make sure that you, and your wallet, stay happy on your big day. Some of the things the couple’s forgotten are unexpected expenses. Cake cutting fees, alterations, postage and marriage license expense are some of those. Make sure you expect financial unexpected factors and nonfinancial.
If you are struggling to create your budget we are here to help. Contact us at for any questions about budgets and anything wedding related.





Before you start your wedding budget

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