Savvy Rose Events, is not just a wedding planning company, but a resource for all couples looking to get married, either in a small intimate ceremony or a grand affair. We want to make sure every couple that comes to, Savvy Rose, feels included no matter the budget. 

You are engaged and now you are planning the wedding, congratulations!  Now that the post-engagement high is starting to wear off and the reality of planning starts settling in you need to determine what your planning needs are. For couples who can handle the planning on their own but now they need an expert to […]

One of the greatest moments in life is when you get engaged to the love of your life. After taking the time to live on cloud nine and posting photos of your ring online, it is finally time to start planning. The wedding itself is a magical day but wedding planning can be daunting. As […]

Meet Courtney and Viet! A modern Chicago couple getting married this week and find out a little about their love story before they walk down the aisle.  Technology brought them together, an adventurous first date kept them interested and plans for trivia turned into a sweet and yet romantic proposal. They like to keep it […]

Amber and Alex have been neighbors since grade school but only began dating 5 years ago. It took a style shoot at Hoosier Grove Barn in Streamwood, IL to make Alex realize he could not live with Amber and shortly after he proposed. On August 2, 2019, they will be returning to the venue that […]

Meghan and Harry are facing challenges that many modern couples face. Planning a wedding is already stressful enough; what happens when there’s the added stress of dealing with negativity from closed-minded individuals? Unfortunately, racism and bigotry are still deeply entrenched in our society. Despite the prevalence of interracial marriages, even a couple as powerful and […]