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You said “Yes,” now let me get you to, “I Do”.

Getting engaged can make you feel like you are on cloud nine, but wedding planning can leave you feeling overwhelmed, stressed and unhappy. From managing expectations, emotions, family drama, budgets, vendor research and creating a day that’s unique to you and your fiance, it can start feeling like weddings are not fun, but they are! We are here to help you get down the aisle, sane and happy!

Blending traditions, managing logistics, and thinking out of the box is what we do best. We want to make sure you forget about all the boring stuff that comes from getting married and live in the moment!

The process is simple, we meet with you to discuss your wants and needs in an in-depth free consultation where we get to know you as a couple, break apart all the details of your wedding and set up priorities to get you a customized game plan. Every couple is unique and in a different stage of the planning process, so we offer custom options to suit your every need. 

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Full wedding Planning 

Whether you are working full time and busy with your daily life or living out of the area and trying to plan a destination wedding, we are here for you! 
With this package we can help you choose everything from the right location and the right professionals, to caterers, musicians, floral arrangements and everything in between. 

We take the burden of worry off your plate and you enjoy the experience of watching your wedding unfold before your eyes. You can choose your level of involvement. i.e, do the fun stuff and we’ll handle the rest.

Have you already picked a date, chosen the perfect venue and started booking vendors but feel like you need someone to guide you through the rest of the wedding planning process and bring together all the details? 

We believe that every couple has their own vision and planning needs for their wedding day. For this reason, we offer a customized package that is tailored to fit you specifically. Our partial planning package can be completely customized to fit your needs. After our initial consultation, we'll help to design a custom package that will included all the assistance you need-- built off our base month-of package. 

Partial Planning Package

Design & Styling

We love designing environments for our clients and consider our design process to be one-of-a-kind. From your color scheme, floral design and linens to the smaller details like monogrammed napkins, we work together to develop your unique and cohesive design plan. This service is perfect for the couple who wants to be hands-on in the planning process but needs some assistance in planning the overall design and feel.

We will come in and work with you to help imagine, design, and execute a decor plan that fits your budget and dreams, including colors and theme choice, centerpieces, table decor, linens, dinnerware, floral, draping design, up-lighting, personal touches, and more!

Some couples take great joy in planning their own weddings, from picking out their venue, choosing vendors, to designing decor. But even the most organized couple needs someone to execute their plans on the big day. While friends and family are always willing to help, why not invest in a professional who can come and run the show allowing everyone you love to be present on your day. With Savvy Rose Events coordinating your day, you and your loved ones can sit back and simply enjoy the celebration!

Our service starts 8 weeks before your big day to ensure all the finishing touches are in place. We are present on your wedding day to coordinate your vendors, timeline, guests and final design details. You will rest assured that all personal items, cake, guest book, and gifts will be carefully taken care of!

Wedding Coordination 

What we can do

Need an extra hand in planning your wedding? We are happy to help! From getting the ball rolling at the beginning of the journey to wrapping up loose ends before your big day. 

Engagement Party Planning   
Travel Transport Coordination
Rehearsal Dinner Coordination
Dessert Displays
Newlywed Suite Set-up
Farewell Brunch Coordination

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